Are You Breathing Contaminated Air?

Find out with indoor air quality testing & humidifier installation in Lafayette, LA

It's easy to think the air in your home is perfectly clean. But your HVAC system could be circulating contaminated air, causing allergy symptoms and illness. With indoor air quality testing from Freedom Air Heating & Cooling, you can see if your air is causing you problems.

We'll check everything from your indoor humidity to the levels of allergens and other harmful contaminants. Then, our technician can recommend options to help you keep your air clean and comfortable so you can breathe easier every day. Schedule indoor air quality testing in Lafayette, LA by calling us at 337-344-9920.

How we can improve your air quality

There's no reason to live with contaminated air. Once you know you have a problem, you can rely on Freedom Air Heating & Cooling for a solution. We can...

  • Set up a humidifier installation to increase the moisture in your air. This can help treat skin, throat and nose dryness and make it easier to sleep.
  • Install an air handler to help keep the air in your home or office circulating through your air filters. This will help reduce the levels of contaminants in your air.

Learn more about an air handler or humidifier installation when you contact us today.

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